Ganon Baker's Ultimate Dribbling Package

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Here is What You Are Getting


  1. Ball Handling DVD
  2. Dribbling & Driving DVD
  3. 2 Weighted Basketballs
  4. 1 Pair of Heads Up Goggles


1. Ganon Baker's Ball Handling DVD

Ball Handling: Preps to the Pros


From Ganon Baker's Basketball School you will have drills that will give you quicker, stronger, and faster hands. Become rock solid with the basketball.



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2. Ganon Baker's Dribbling & Driving DVD

Dribbling & Driving: Preps to the Pros


From Ganon Baker's Basketball School comes Dribbling & Driving which will challege your dribbling skills and teach you the moves of the Pros!



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3. Two (2) Weighted Basketballs

2 Weighted Basketballs


With a weighted basketball you will really learn to dribble the basetball hard. The best dribblers "pound" the basketball and are in control of it. These basketball bounce just like a regular basketball. Why do you need 2 weighted basketballs? Because Ganon Baker has some great two ball dribbling drills in his DVDs.


The weighted basketball comes in two sizes: Mens (3 lb) and Womens (2.25 lb)


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4. 1 Pair of Dribbling Goggles

Dribble Goggles


Learn to dribble the basketball without seeing it. These goggles cut off the vision at about chest level so players will have to learn to dribble by the feel of the ball.



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