NBA Skill Trainer Ganon Baker Reveals the Secrets, Tips & Tricks... He Uses with the Pros

The Blueprint to Build Elite Fundamental Skills any Coach will Want

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How to Handle the Basketball Like the Pros

Ganon Baker Ball Handling Video

Ball Handling

Have trouble hanging on to the ball vs. tougher players? Melt against pressure defense? Ganon's Ball Handling video will make you tough and strong with the basketball so you will stop being soft, losing the ball, and making unnecessary turnovers. Coaches NEED players that don't lose the ball.

Learn to Make Shots in Games - Where it Counts!

Shooting & Triple Threat

Learn to Shoot like the Pros and Practice shooting like the Pros. Not only will Ganon teach you how to shoot, he will teach you to read the defense to create space to get your shot off. After all, what is the point in having a great shot if you can't get it off? Ganon takes care of everything in this video.

Ganon Baker Shooting & Triple Threat Video

Dish Assists Like the Pros

Ganon Baker Passing Video


Having trouble making good passes or do your passes get tipped? Ganon will teach you how to pass around pressure and give you a variety of passes you can use in various situations. Being a great passer means you'll commit less turnovers and you'll set up teammates making it easier for them to score. Be the ultimate team player by being a great passer on your team.

Learn to Make Shots in Games - Where it Counts!

Dribbling & Driving

Take the ball anywhere you want on the court and learn to attack the basket like the Pros do. A fun variety of dribbling drills are followed up with moves to attack the rim off the dribble. If you can't dribble the basketball, you won't be able to go places on the court. That means your scoring opportunities will be fewer because you will have to wait for someone else to set you up for a shot. Create your own shots by being able to attack off the dribble.

Ganon Baker Dribbling and Driving Video
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Ganon Baker's Basketball School is a Lifetime's worth of Fundamental Skill Development. These videos will be used your entire playing career - no matter what level you achieve! Workouts include:

Ganon Baker Lebron James Camp

Ganon is the lead Skills Trainer at the LeBron James Nike Academies.

Big Results Are Coming!

  • Ball Handling - Develop Strong, Quick Hands that will allow you to attack the toughest defenders with the Dribble, Pass, or Shot.
  • Dribbling & Driving - Develop sick handles and learn how to attack the basket like the Pros do.
  • Shooting & Triple Threat - Develop a pure, smooth shot, & learn how the Pros really practice Game Shots, from Game Spots, at Game Speed.
  • Passing - Learn to throw any pass in any situation and deliver the Rock.
  • Impress Coaches - Ganon is your Secret Weapon that will make your coach wonder where you are learning all of this from? We won't tell!
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Meet Ganon Baker

Ganon travels the world reaching kids through basketball teaching and enhancing their basketball skills. He is a Nike Skill Development Trainer and Workout Director.

He has worked with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Vince Carter. He trains the top 80 boys and girls in the country for Nike Basketball and directs skill academies all over the world, including The Michael Jordan Brand Classics in Europe.

In 2008 he was hired as Amare Stoudemire’s Personal Skill Development Coach and has trained over 200 NBA/WNBA players such as Jarryd Bayless, Tyson Chandler Harrison Barnes, Grant Hill, Brandon Knight, James Harden, Cleanthony Early, Johnny O’ Bryant, Scottie Wilbekin, Demya Walker, Angel McCoughtry, Natalie Novosel, and many more.

Ganon Baker Shooting & Triple Threat Video

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