European Ball Screen Offense

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This unique video from Lason Perkins goes on-court to show you this five-out offense. Perkins explains and demonstrates the continuity of this ball screening offense and then goes into adjustments, special actions, entries and inbounds plays. He also explains the proper way to attack the defense depending on how they defend the screen and roll action. Coach Perkins shows getting into the offense from transition and from the A-set.
Video #Video TitleVideo Length
1Introduction Free 2:42
2Basics 4:42
3Adjustments Free 3:45
4Special Actions 5:56
5Pick & Roll Defense Free 5:34
6On Court Teaching Part 1 7:35
7On Court Teaching Part 2 4:45
8Entries Part 1 8:21
9Entries Part 2 7:29
10Entries Part 3 7:25
11Inbounds Plays 6:18
12Additional Continuity Offenses 6:30
13Drills 2:46
14Conclusions 1:17

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Head Boys Basketball Coach at Cary Academy, teacher, father, husband. Student of the game and life. Partner with Whistle and a Clipboard podcast.
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