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    Dribble Drive Offense

    Not long ago, University of Alabama head coach Nate Oats was a high school head coach in Michigan. In this video, he showcases some of the shooting and dribble drive offense drills that have helped his teams compete on a high level. He turned the University of Buffalo into a MAC power (three tournament titles) using a fast, relentless style of offense. His video will help you teach your players how to use quick decision making skills to play fast and keep opponents on their toes.

    Disadvantage Shooting

    Players at high levels must have the ability to attack closeouts and defensive rotations. In 2-on-1 into 3-on-2 Shooting, the offense is put in an advantage situation where they must read the defense and be shot ready. The defender picks a player to close out to force them to react.

    The drill builds to 3-on-2 Shooting and finally 4-on-3 Live where players can attack the over-closeout and hit the open player.

    Transition Shooting

    Coach Oats demonstrates a series of transition drills designed to help players make decisions on both offense and defense. In Cincinnati 1-on-1, offensive players attack the basket going downhill in seven seconds or less. The defense must decide how to level out the attack.

    In the Cardinal Drill, players continue working on getting downhill on offense, but they are put into a 2-on-1 situation where they learn to make quick passes to open teammates that turn into easy baskets.

    Blood Series

    Blood Series is one of Coach Oats’ staples. It teaches players to read defenses in game-like situations. The drills are tailored to the dribble drive offense and have helped some of the best programs create scoring opportunities by learning how to attack gaps and get into the lane.

    Slot Reads is a drill where players hunt for the paint and try to get an easy score. Players create gaps and driving angles by multiple drives into the paint. Corner Reads is a drill where players attack the baseline and learn to read the baseline defender. Wing Reads gets players between the top two defenders to create havoc on the defense once in the paint.

    Coach Oats’ drills will help you develop a complete offense that attacks defenses. Players will enjoy attacking defenses as they hunt for what the defense gives them. Rent this dribble drive offense

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