(Rental)-Hard To Guard Two Man Actions

  • (Rental)-Hard To Guard Two Man Actions
  • Hard To Guard Two Man Actions by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Hard to Guard 2 Man Action Basketball

    Teach your offense to score quickly and easily using these deadly two-man offensive strategies from ESPN International Basketball Analyst Fran Fraschilla. Coach Fraschilla, who spent time at Manhattan College, St. John’s, and the University of New Mexico, brings his wealth of experience to the court to break down offense into a two-man system that allows players to read a screen and take what the defense gives.

    Fraschilla teaches a number of options off of down screens, pick and roll actions, and rip actions. You will find that this is an excellent presentation for improving a player’s offensive basketball IQ.

    Down Screen Series

    One of the easiest 2 man action basketball is the simple post down screen. Coach Fraschilla shows a variety of options you can use to score against any type of man-to-man defense. You will see how to curl for a jump shot or layup, how to slip to get a look for your post players, and how to fade for a baseline jumper or post pass for an easy basket.

    Side Pick and Roll Series

    If you struggle trying to score against good defenses, Coach Fraschilla provides an alternative scoring action that can scramble the entire defense, not just the defenders involved in the two-man action. You will be walked through the side pick and roll series and then Fraschilla demonstrates the pick and roll, pick and pop, pick and slip, and the pick and reject.

    Rip Series

    You’ll see a number of scoring options using the Rip series that allows players to catch the ball on the wing and then attack when the defense is late to closeout. You will see how to attack the basket using a rip and go, rip and slip, rip and drive baseline, and a rip and elbow jumper for the post player. There is also a demonstration of a re-screening action to get your best shooters open against really good defenders.

    Learning to be unselfish in the two-man game is as important as looking to score for yourself. This is a great presentation for coaches looking to teach their players how to play off screens and create better scoring opportunities for everyone. Rent this 2 man action basketball DVD today.

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