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    Conditioning Drills for Basketball that are High Energy

    Findlay Prep (NV) head basketball coach Michael Peck has built one of the strongest programs in the nation utilizing full court drills that serve multiple purposes. Peck’s drills not only teach his offensive and defensive systems, they are also incredible conditioning tools helping to build stamina while still learning basketball.

    Peck’s Findlay Prep teams have been ranked among the top five in the nation over the past several years and they won three ESPN NHSI Championships in the five years between 2008 and 2012. Peck has helped produce four NBA draft picks in two years. His high octane drills are part of the reason.

    In this 59-minute video, Peck takes you into his practice sessions where you will see his high-energy, full court practice drills. Whether it is transition offense or drills stressing defensive footwork, Peck addresses how coaches can add conditioning to the drill to help build stamina as well as basketball skills.

    The Findlay Four Defensive Drills are a set of full court drills that are an excellent method of building defensive endurance and maintaining proper technique for an entire game. Each individual drill incorporates the basic fundamental principles of Findlay Prep’s defense. Collectively, the drills address so many facets of the game that the Findlay Four Defensive Series is a must-have in the daily practice plan.

    Conditioning Drills for Basketball - Transition 

    Coach Peck uses a four-player transition drill to add conditioning on the offensive end of the floor. Players learn to push the ball up the floor using as little dribbling as possible. The idea is to run, pass, and score an easy bucket in the open court. The drill is great for point guards too as they learn to see the floor better.

    The 160 Drill and the 4 Drill are great for teaching players to focus when they are tired. Players learn to finish at the rim and are forced to maximize their dribble and scoring ability in the open court. All of the drills that Coach Peck demonstrates in the video are multi-functional and meet the needs of any team regardless of the offensive or defensive style played.

    Combining drill work and condition makes for a more efficient practice and keeps players from simply “playing the drill.” Players may not even realize they are conditioning while practicing. Conditioning can be much more effective when not viewed as punishment. Coach Peck’s drills can help you control your tempo and condition your players at the same time. Rent this conditioning drills for basketball DVD today.

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