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  • Comprehensive Guide To The Flex Offense by Robert Schlosser Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Comprehensive Guide to the Flex Offense

    Bob Schlosser has built an NCAA Division III power at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania using his version of the Flex offense. A former head coach at Allentown (PA) Central Catholic, Schlosser has totaled more than 500 wins in his illustrious career. Schlosser’s take on the Flex eliminates the down screen in an effort to create easy scoring opportunities. He breaks it all down in this informative video.

    Flex Offense Continuity

    Coach Schlosser details exactly how his Flex offense works and how he uses it to create open shots. He will outline some of his basic rules that his team uses depending on where the ball is passed. You will see a number of variations to the Flex one of which is the use of flare action rather than the traditional down screen. Schlosser feels this allows for more dribble penetration and it also prevents defenses from overplaying passing lanes.

    Here, you will also see some of the counters that Schlosser uses to keep defenses from just going through the motions. These counters can be used to produce an easy score against defenses that do simply go through the motions or those that attempt to overplay the Flex.

    Flex Offense Breakdown Drills

    Coach Schlosser breaks down the actions of the Flex offense into seven different drills. Each drill helps with the installation of the offense and reinforces the actions of the Flex. The drills work on basic skills like getting into the triple threat position as well as simulating how players are to get into the offense from various spots on the floor. Other drills work on backdoor cuts, passing to the open man, and finishing at the rim.

    Entry Passes and Out of Bounds Plays

    Coach Schlosser uses seven different entry passes into the Flex offense each with its own variations. This keeps a defense off balance and allows for open looks early in the offense. Adding different counters with all of these entry passes makes it virtually impossible for an opponent to get a bead on all of the possible actions of Coach Schlosser’s Flex offense.

    In addition, you will see how Schlosser uses sideline and baseline out of bounds plays to get right into the Flex. With all of the possible combinations and actions, defenses have a hard time defending Schlosser’s system.

    Flex Transition Offense

    While the Flex is known as a half-court offense, Coach Schlosser takes it a step further by expanding it to the full court. By using stagger screens and screen-the-screener actions, Schlosser’s teams get a lot of great looks at the basket early in the possession. He shows you two of his set plays off the break that allow for both a post-up and a double stagger for your best shooter.

    This 57-minute video offers a unique take on the Flex and is a must for those looking to install the Flex or improve on their own version of the offense. Rent this Flex Offense DVD today.

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