Want Players that Rebound like Kevin Love?

Rebounding is a core basketball. Rebounding is the ADAM of our Basketball World because everything starts with it. Lets see how Coach Wooten is practicing rebounding, and what are the highlights of his drills. 

Why I mentioned Kevin Love as the example? Kevin Love is not the biggest or the strongest big man in the NBA. He does not box out well at all. But, Kevin Love has the strongest will to catch the ball NO MATTER WHAT ARE HIS ODDS. For him there is no loose or uncatchable ball, his motivation is always sky high.

For your first drill get 5 guys on the arc, throw the ball off the glass, and make them catch it. You can make it more interesting by adding some punishment for the guys that didn't catch it by doing push ups or something like that...just to keep them MOTIVATED. 

Motivation: Rebound the ball from behind the arc

For your second drill make your team take 5 steps behind the arc. Motivate your team more.

Get the rebound from 10ft.

You can even put them behind the center line, if they are motivated someone will take the rebound. 

Rebound the ball no matter where are you at

This drill is called SUPERMAN DRILL, and the whole point of it is to teach your player how to read where the ball will go after it hits the glass/rim, and its good to teach your players to have consecutive rebounds. Let them throw the ball off the glass from one side of the court, and catch it on the other, without the ball dropping to the floor. 

Superman rebound drill

And for the final drill,your players will workout on their hands speed. Let the ball drop between them, as soon as it hits the floor the players should catch it.

Make your hands faster

Lets look at the video and see what should we try to practice with our team if we talk about rebounding.

If you want to learn more rebounding drills, go rent a DVD by clicking on the link below:

Coach Wooden's rebounding drills

Apr 05, 2018 Coach Chris

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