Top Siding VS Wide Pins

oVertical screens are much used in todays basketball. It is an easy way to get your shoters in a good position for a wide open looks, it gives you an option to get a big men inside a paint, it leads to a mismatch. It is a simple play, it is used in the NBA, the Euroleague, NCAA.

And if you have a problem defending it, just sit back and listen what Tim Jankovich has to teach us.


Understand the position of the ball

First things first. All the guys playing defense MUST understand the position of the ball. As we all know, the positioning drastically change, and if they want to be able to react the proper way, they have to be positioned the right way. At this particular screen, the Big guy will come on the elbow or somewhat beneath it, and the wing player will come from the corner and try to guide his defender on to screener, and get the ball around the 45° spot.

Defensive awareness

The defender that is guarding the player that is on the receiving end of the screen has to recognize the play in order to be able to defend it well.

Top siding: Fight the screen

Good way to defend this screen is to TOP SIDE it. The defender needs to put his body between his man and the screener and to try to alter the movement of the player so he do not receive the screen.

Protect the back door pass

Player that is guarding the screener needs to step inside the paint and to deny the back door pass.  

Let us see the video.


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Jun 12, 2018 Coach Chris

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