Rick Torbett's Read & React Offense: Pass and Cut

Read and React system is showing us how to play basketball the right way. It force us to think simple, and to do some obvious stuff out there on the court. The thing that you should teach your players first, as far as the offensive movement is considered, is that after they make a pass the right thing to do is to move towards the basket and open a passing lane, and if not receive the ball, notice an empty space that will keep a good offensive geometry. 

Let us analyze the pass and cut drill.

Take 5 guys and put them on the arc in the 1 - 2 - 2 formation. 

Pass and cut

The ball can go either side, and the player that made the pass will cut for the basket. The player without the ball on the strong side of the offense (in the corner), will stand, and the 2 player from the weak side will rotate their place bu 1 position towards the Point position. 

Fill up empty space

The cutter needs to see the empty corner sport and to there. If the ball is going to the Point position again, the player that gave up the ball will cut, the player from the corner will come to fill up his spot. 

Pass and move

The cutter will see the empty spot in the corner from the side that he came from and will fill it up. The ball will now change sides, and we start a rotation again. The formation of 1 - 2 - 2 must be kept at all times. 

Pass and cut: ball to the corner

Finally, the ball will reach the corner and the players will fill up the spots, and in time the defense will get late on some coverings, your player will have opportunity to make some kind of offensive advantage and they will make a decision to drive the lane, get a layup, or make a pass for an open man to shoot. This opportunity can come after just 2 or 3 pass and you need to teach your players to recognize this situations, and to react the right way.

Let us see the video.

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May 15, 2018 Coach Chris

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