Coach Trey's Favorite 2 Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills

This is a great 2-ball stationary dribbling workout - do each drill for 30 seconds with a 30 second break after the last drill. 4 rounds for a total of 12 minutes.

2 Ball Wipers

In a triple threat stance, dribble the basketballs at the same time and with the same motion - you’ll be creating a “v” by dribbling side-to-side.

V Dribble Drill 

Offensive Dribbling Basketball

2 Ball Circle

Only one basketball will be dribbled at a time - and you’ll be moving them in a circular motion. As the ball in your right hand is hitting the ground, you’ll be passing the ball from your left hand to your right, and as this is happening the ball that just hit the ground is coming up to your left hand. About the time the ball comes up to your left hand you start over again with the ball now in your right hand hitting the ground. You repeat this pattern for the circular motion.

Dribbling Drill Basketball

Practice Dribbling Basketball

2 Ball High-Low

In a triple threat stance, dribble one basketball high and the other basketball low. Do this dribbling in both hands: right hand dribble high; left hand dribble low and then switch to right hand dribble low; left hand dribble high. When you get comfortable, switch it up during the drill.

Master Dribbling Basketball

Advanced Dribbling Basketball

2 Ball Consecutive Cross

In a triple threat stance, dribble crossover with both basketballs. Pick a ball that is always crossing in front and the other always crosses behind. Your basketball should be hitting the center point of your crossover at the same time.

Crossover Basketball Drills

get better at dribbling basketball

2 Ball Consecutive Between

In a triple threat stance, dribble crossover one basketball and between the legs with the other basketball. Your front basketball will be the one crossing over and the back one you’ll go between the legs. Your dribbles should be hitting the court at the same time otherwise you won’t be able to do this drill.

Between the Legs Basketball

best dribbling basketball

For the complete video of the 2-Ball Dribbling Drill check it out below:

Apr 05, 2018 Coach Chris

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