Basketball Decision Training by Chris Oliver

I know that we might bore you with our insisting in making drills that imitate real game stuff. We just want to point out that these drills will make your players feel comfortable and that this feeling will lead to easy decision making, better timing, more precise plays. 

We are going to introduce you to one new system of drills that is made to make the decision making of your players better. 

Lets start with the signals. There are 4 decision signals. We will need 2 players, one that will make the signals, and one that will make the decision based on signal. 

Decision Cues

First we will do just passing and just shooting. So Hands Up or Hands Down. The addition to the drill can be some crafty passing, some outside passes with one hand or behind the back pass, just because the chest pass is rare in real game action. 

Pass and Shoot

Second drill will be the combination of pass and a dribble penetration. So the player that gives the signals will be showing hands up for a pass or going towards and the reaction of the other player must be drive to the basket. 

Pass and Drive to the basket

Third drill will be combination of pass, shot and drive to the basket. Just by adding more variations will make the decision maker be more focused on the signs, witch will overall improve the in-game reaction.

Fourth drill will be step aside, and that will be the signal for the counter dribble move. The counter dribble move of our choice is behind the back dribble. We chose this one because it is the most fluid of all, the fastest one, and the player newer loses the vision of both basket and the defense. Roll move is our second option, and we recommend it to the players who's handles are not that good, but they are a bit stronger then the others. 

Behind the back dribble

Fifth drill will be the mix of all other combined. Make the decisions vary, make your players speed up the drill, make them be more efficient. Overall the players will react better when they go live. 

Let us see the video:

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May 09, 2018 Coach Chris

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