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"Need some help making your athletes faster and more efficient baserunners? Then you've come to the right place! In this course, Coach Tony Vitello reveals different philosophies and drills for baserunning that will make your players more efficient baserunners to ultimately score more runs. He even covers stealing bases and different types of reads!
Video #Video TitleVideo Length
1Introduction 1:33
2Speed Work Free 4:23
3Pitcher Agility 0:27
4You Can Get Faster 1:45
5Hips Are Really Important 1:16
6A Skip and B Skip Work w-Prop 1:01
7Footspeed and Hipwork 0:33
8Footspeed and Hipwork 2 0:19
9Plyos and Agilities 0:45
10Baseball Speed vs Showcase Speed 5:13
11Contact Play Leads to Runs 1:31
12Excellent Jump on Contact 1:51
13Contact Play Without Scoring 1:24
14Hesitation on Contact Play 0:58
15Working to Steal Bases 6:50
16Technique and Form to Improve Speed 0:52
17Rickey Henderson 2:16
18Moving Up on Balls in the Dirt Free 2:50
19Work at 2nd Base 0:32
20Reads at 2nd Base Free 1:44
21Succefully Running at 2nd Base 1:20
22Team Baserunning 1:10
23Q&A 8:54

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