Read & React Offense

What is the Read and React Offense ?

The Read and React Offense is a non-patterned offense where players move on the court based on reading what the player with the ball does.  The offense can be run in the 5 Out set, 4 Out with 1 Post Pllayer, or 3 Out and 2 Post Players.

Better Basketball videos feature Rick Torbett and cover the Read and React Offense in addition to player development videos. The Read and React Offense consists of layers that you build upon in teaching the offense. Coach Torbett starts the first layer with Pass & Cut. In all there are 20 layers to the Read and React Offense. DVDs that show colleges down to youth teams running the offense, drilling the offense, and more.

Can you run the Read eact against a zone defense? Yes, but there are adjustments you’ll need to make in some of the layers as it will be slightly different than it is vs. a man to man defense. Instead of Passing & Cutting vs a zone you will Hook and Look. This is where you’ll cut to an open spot in the zone and stay there for at least one pass.

Learn the Read and React Offense Quickly

The Read & React is run by many youth and high school teams and a few college teams. We suggest you rent the base DVDs to get a good grasp of the offense and then explore the Drills, Zone, & Variations DVDs.

Rent several of our Read and React Offense DVDs and you will quickly learn everything you need to know, how to practice it, and what to expect in games.

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