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Rental DVDs

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Rent Basketball Coaching Videos via Mail

Wouldn't you like to become a better coaching in the next week? What if I told you you could double or triple your knowledge of the game in just a few short months? How much would you pay to double your coaching knowledge? Many coaches think they can just get by year to year on experience alone and looking up some new plays or drills on the Internet. 

That is a recipe for stagnation. You see if you really want to become a great basketball coach you need to study the game and learn from the best coaches in the business. Now you can travel to coaching clinics, pay for hotel rooms, food, admission to the clinic, and then sit on those really comfortable bleachers for 8 hours. Oh, and you'll hopefully someone will cover exactly what you are looking for. Now that's just the beginning of your problems attending a coaching clinic - because each coach is limited in the amount of time they have on the court so they can only cover so much.

Learn to Teach the Game by  Renting Basketball Coaching Videos

How do you learn what you really want to learn on your own terms? Rent our Coaching DVDs through the mail. You can watch them over and over, take notes, and then rent another DVD over the same topic and very quickly your knowledge of a specific topic will reach mastery level. Learn how to play the toughest man to man defense, 2-3 Zone, 1-3-1 Zone or dominate the offensive end with all of our DVDs covering the Dribble Drive, Read & React, 4 Out 1 In, and everything in between.

So start browsing through our vast selection right now and get ready to become the smartest coach around because if you put the time in studying the game of basketball, it will pay off for you and your team.

Use our basketball coaching videos rental system to dominate other teams and coaches.

Attention New Renters!

If you have not rented from us before be sure to fill out our Rental Membership Agreement form. This is required and details our rental program and will answer any questions you have.


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