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    Basketball Practice Video 1 with Roy Williams

    Everyone who has knowledge about Basketball knows about the rich history and tradition of North Carolina basketball. You will get access to one of the most acclaimed basketball franchises with the help of Roy Williams. You will also get the chance to see how North Carolina and Coach Williams will be preparing for the upcoming season by making use of three basketball practices in the first week.

    Learning the fundamentals is very important and that's what the coach Williams focuses on earlier on. The practice 1 is broken down into two sections one is for offense and the other is for defense.

    When it comes to the offensive side, Coach Williams will the teach players the following:

    • Posts work on in-game low post and trail post moves, while the guards work on attacking the rim with hard drives and precision jump-shooting.
    • Full-court team drills to develop the up-tempo primary break
    • The team's secondary break options: regular, B3, Dribble, among others
    • The offensive set 'Open' as an alternative to their primary and secondary break
    • Freelance offense - whereby players learn to play together, out of their offense

    Coach Williams will focus on intensity, agility, speed and intelligence with drills mentioned below:

    • Half-court defensive shell
    • 'Step-Slide' team defense
    • Inside shot 'walls'
    • Challenging 'outside shots'
    • Closeouts
    • Defending down and back screens

    Basketball Practcie Video 2 with Roy Williams

    After finishing with the basketball practice 1 the players will now carry on their form into the second practice session in which individual skill development will be focused. The post players will be going through different breakdown drills from the regular secondary break. On the other hand, the guards will be working on their individual skill development and for that purpose the players will be going through v-cuts and curl cuts.

    Now for the defensive side, the coach William will make the team carry on the drills to build their screen defense as the players will be working on coverage against: shadow screens, ball screens, and flare screens. In addition, the coach Williams will also make use of progression defensive shell drill to make the players work on these concepts.

    Now for the offensive side, the players will be developing the popular secondary break actions which has been a staple of Carolina’s offensive system. The players will go through the full-court secondary break series with the help of 5v5 and 5v5 game situations. There will be two teams one is blue and the other will be white. The teams will be separated with the help of these two colors and will work on their options out of secondary and open in the half-court.

    The coach Williams will make the players compete against each other in the half-court in 5-on-5 live situation in order to conclude the breakdown of each offensive concept.

    Basketball Practice 3 with Roy Williams

    The practice segment is very important and plays a crucial role in overall development. This session is very challenging as everything the players have learned so far will be put into effect as two teams are pitted against each other that will promote healthy competition. You will also be learning the value of rebounding and running for the implementation of a successful fast breaking system. In order to generate easy baskets in transition the Coach Williams will make use of the pitch ahead drill.

    The team will go through the 5 on5 live training in the secondary break. Furthermore, the open offensive set will be explained by the breaking of offense elements in several steps. Rent this basketball practice plan today.

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