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    Basketball Practice Drills with Greg McDermott

    Take a look behind the curtain at a typical Creighton University men’s basketball practice in this basketball practice drills video with Bluejays head coach Greg McDermott. You will see a variety of breakdown drills and a 4-on-4 shell drill all geared toward making your team better defenders. McDermott knows a thing or two about defense having taken Creighton to three Missouri Valley Conference tournament championships and the 2013 regular season title as well.

    With the focus on defense, McDermott shares with you a series of drills that build from basic concepts to larger team strategies. Players demonstrate these individual skill drills as McDermott provides his insight. Two great drills are seen here:

    • Slide, Run and Pivot Drill: Players work on their defensive slides as they learn to explode into a move. Balance and footwork are the keys to success in this drill and in the game of basketball.
    • Ranger Drill: This breakdown drill teaches the proper defensive rotations in a baseline drive-and-kick situation. Players get into the correct defensive positions, take charges, and hustle to block out.

    Coach McDermott works religiously with his players on closeouts. The ability to closeout is critical to building a sound team defense. McDermott uses two drills that help his players in this area.

    • Three Line Closeouts: Coach McDermott demonstrates three different closeouts players must be able to execute – the Kobe, Korver, and Rondo. Each is different but must be mastered in the Creighton system.
    • Berlin Closeouts: Players do not closeout their man in this drill. They work to the correct defensive position.

    Basketball Practice Drills for Team Defense

    Team defense is emphasized in the Shell Drill. Players must be able to deal with screens and McDermott discusses the components of screen defense. Finally, there is a 5-on-5 segment where you get to see the defensive concepts in action as well as some of Creighton’s offensive sets.

    Coach McDermott does share some of his offensive breakdown drills for perimeter and post players. He uses offensive breakdown stations that include:

    • Guards: One More Drill, Shots Out of the Offense, Game Speed Cuts
    • Forwards: Flips, Figure 8 Shooting, Walling Up & Boxing Out

    Coach McDermott’s practice is an excellent example of a fast-paced, well-balanced, and effective session. In 81 minutes, McDermott covers nearly every important aspect of defensive play offering something for everyone to take away. Rent this basketball practice drills DVD today.

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