Breaking Down LeBron James Secret Drive Moves ft. Coach Chris

Today, we are going to explain some of the tricks that King James is using to by pass his defenders, and helping us with the detail will be none other then finder of Hoopsking, Coach Chris.

As we all know, LeBron is not much of a lateral dribbler guy. He is more of a change of pace/monster first step kind of attacker, and he is using his strength (read shoulder) to bump a defender and drive to the rim.  

And, there is a little secret that Coach Chris noticed. LeBron James is often using his off hand to chop down/lock down his defenders just enough to make a body contact that will give him advantage needed to have a clear driving lane.


Positioning both offensive and defensive

Here we have a situation where LeBron is on a high post with the ball, having his back turned to the rim. We all know that this is a not a good attacking position. On the other side, we have a defender that is in a solid spot. He is protecting the paint, he is forcing the corner/sideline, he is close to James. But, as the Coach Chris is pointing, LeBron is initiating a contact, and it is a hard one. Why? Because he knows that he has the size and power advantage, and because he knows that the defender needs to take a hit because if he steps back, James is already in the paint.

Chop the hand and rotate body

So, this is a crucial part. As the contact takes place, and James sees (feels) that defender is leaning towards him with his all weight, he is swinging his off arm and he chops the arms of defender, while rotating his body around his right leg. The trick is in the that off hand. You can push a bit, and the judge will let it slip his eye, but if you go too far, offensive foul will be called. Basically, you can not over do it with the off hand. Every off hand extension, that overcomes the middle level of the shoulder front to back movement is considered foul.  

As the play continues, we see the push off of defender that is in a lock position and can not move, that gives the attacker the advantage to drive the lane and get to the basket.

Off hand push

The real trick on this play is to use as much swing as it is needed to give yourself some advantage, but not to over do it and get called for an offensive foul.

Let us take a look at video:

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Aug 13, 2018 Coach Viktor

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