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    Basketball Decision Making Drills with Ganon Baker

    The players who want to be the best must learn to make split second decisions. You are going to learn very amazing things in this video and the trainer of the Nike Basketball Ganon Baker will give you the tools and tricks that will help you improve your mental strength, decision-making and overall basketball IQ. You will see get great insights from one of the most successful and innovative basketball trainers in the world. you will go through an intense workout that will help you improve your focus and the ability to read the defense.

    Baker will kickstart by giving you an insight of his philosophy he will make you focus on the mental aspect of the game. He thinks this is very important for the overall progress. He believes in a maturation process which is very important for a player to excel and also what is important for a coach to make the players go through the maturation process. The biggest divider from one player to another is their ability to make decisions and this is his biggest beliefs.

    Attack the Cones Drills will serve as the start of the workout and there will also be a series of dribbling drills that will work on reaction and decision making and at the same time working and executing moves for attacking the basket in transition.

    Basketball Decision Making Drills with Mental Challenge

    Attack the Hand - Players practice four kinds of floaters. In addition to working on the floater, this drill teaches patience, control, and explosiveness.  Reading Two Defenders - Ball control, explosiveness, and competitiveness are just a few of the elements involved in this drill. As players attack the defender head-on, they must also read the closeout correctly and then beat a second defender after the first defender. Squeeze Drill - Players learn NBA actions while being forced to make split second decisions. Backdoor cuts and dribble hand-offs highlight this drill, but it is the added mental challenge that makes it so unique and challenging. Narrow Pin Down Drill - A great two-man drill that teaches team work in addition to the skill. Down Screen Drill - This drill is great for both forwards and guards who need to learn to play with their back to the basket.

    When you make use of the Baker's workout program. The players will learn lots of amazing things like working as a unit and making perfect decision with great game reading abilities. You will also learn lots of things like how to enable the players to learn the art of building the skills and also making them think on the fly. The best part about this program are the drills that you are going to try. You will get great results and you will enjoy your time performing these drills. The players will enjoy practice more than ever. Rent this basketball decision making drills DVD today.

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