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  • Aztec Basketball: Workout #2 by Myron Epps Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Aztec Basketball Academy Elite Training Workout

    This elite basketball workout teaches players at all levels they must be able to shoot and take their man off the dribble. Myron Epps, founder and head trainer at Aztec Academy, does exactly that in this training session. He focuses on shooting and moves to beat defenders.

    Offensive Threat Basketball Workout

    Epps knows a lot of shooting and scoring. He was a four-year player at San Diego State University where he led the team in field goal percentage in three consecutive seasons. Now as the head coach at Mission Oak HS (CA) and AAU Director for Central California, Epps continues to teach the proper fundamentals of shooting and how to beat defenders.

    Early in the workout, Coach Epps covers form shooting. He emphasizes good fundamentals through a number of drills. Using a ball set on a cone, players attack the cone, grab the ball and rip through to a shot. Coach Epps also shows moves such as behind the back, crossover, between the legs, and combinations. These help players move with a purpose and attack the basket. Players become more confident and learn how to finish strong at the rim.

    Defensive Threat Basketball Workout

    Coach Epps also uses cones to simulate defenders as he teaches moves like the jab step. He places a great amount of emphasis on ripping the ball through to attack the basket. Players work the rip-through with medicine balls which helps them stay low and work on the first attack step. This is crucial in creating space and shot opportunities.

    Beome an All Around Elite Player

    Various moves are demonstrated in Coach Epps’ transition drill, a full-court dribbling drill, finishing drill, and one where players attack the basket from the wing. The drills help players become scoring threats from anywhere on the floor.

    If you are looking to improve you players’ ability to score and attack at the rim, this video by Coach Epps is for you. Your players will be able to break down any defender they face. Rent this Elite Basketball Workout DVD Today.

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