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    Basketball Workout Elite Training – Workout 1

    Former San Diego State University player Myron Epps has made a name for himself as Central California’s top basketball trainer. He has developed numerous male and female NCAA Division I, II, NAIA, and junior college athletes. In this workout video, he uses on-court demonstration to detail a workout that will challenge players to get out of their comfort zone.

    Ball Handling & Agility Basketball Workout

    The first part of the basketball workout includes a complete ball handling and agility session. Coach Epps begins with two ball drills. He takes players through a series of drills that work on strengthening the weak hand while maintaining the dominant hand.

    You’ll see the popcorn move, cross over dribbles, high-lows, and more. Coach Epps teaches skills that get more and more challenging as the workout progresses. He demonstrates how players can learn to control their movements and execute the perfect move to get past a defender.

    Ball Handling Circuits

    After the two-ball dribbling agility drills, Coach Epps pushes players through his ball handling training circuits. Agility ladders, shuttle cones, and 18-inch cones are used to create three training circuits for athletes of all ages and skill levels. During the drills, Coach Epps emphasizes staying low and keeping your head up.

    Players move down the floor and use a move to attack a set of cones. They imagine defenders and practice moves they would use in a game situation. Coach Epps adds a tennis ball to provide more variety. 

    The basketball workout ends with the Elite Circuit. Players work through the speed ladder as they build their quickness and handle the ball. Players learn to multi-task and prepare for the challenging situations they will face in real games. The variety within this one drill holds players’ attention and continuously challenges them.

    Coach Epps workout is a great way to challenge players both mentally and physically as they build the skills necessary for them to be successful. Rent this basketball workout DVD from Aztec Academy today.

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