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    Advanced Point Guard Training with John Calipari

    Three of the very best the game has ever seen team up for this inside look at developing the consummate point guard. National champion Kentucky head coach John Calipari teams up with former NBA Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose and former 17-year NBA veteran Rod Strickland to give you one of the most insightful looks at how to develop elite point guards.

    Rose was the NBA’s Rookie of the Year in 2009 and two years later was the league’s MVP. Strickland served with Calipari at both Memphis and Kentucky after 17 seasons as a point guard in the NBA. Calipari has won the Naismith Award as college basketball’s Coach of the Year three times during his amazing career. The three offer up a look at how to develop the skills necessary to become a quality point guard.

    One of the keys for Calipari is learning screening angles. The Kentucky coach illustrates seven different areas on the court where a successful pick-and-roll can be executed. You will notice the proper actions and how they look as well as what a point guard should read as the action is executed.

    Advanced Point Guard Training: Pick & Roll

    Calipari and Rose then take you through a number of drills designed to help you master the Four S’s of the perfect pick-and-roll. All successful pick-and-rolls are made up of the following: Start, Set-up, Separation, and Score. Calipari presents the drills that he uses to get his point guards to understand the four S’s and how to execute the proper pick-and-roll.

    The advanced point guard training video gets deep into point guard play and Calipari takes you through recognition drills for use with lob and skip passes in the Dribble Drive Motion offense. Coach Calipari offers up six different actions in this offense that top-level point guards should be able to execute. He also adds in different methods for defending the pick-and-roll as well as angles a point guard take to separate from defenders.

    Throughout the 67-minute advanced point guard training video, both Rose and Strickland give insight from a player perspective. As you watch the drills, both players will offer tips on how to perfect essential skills and movements of an elite point guard. If you are attempting to develop point guards in your program, this inside look at the modern point running modern offenses is a must-have for your video library.

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