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  • Advanced Basketball Drills For Women: Point Guard (wood) by Steph Wood Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Point Guard Drills for Women

    Point Guard Drills from Top Women Coaches. There is no question that a strong, knowledgeable point guard is a key ingredient in a championship basketball team. Steph Wood, the founder and director of The Stronger Women, and former four-time WNBA All-Star points guard Ticha Penicheiro, show you how to develop elite point guards in this video.

    Wood, the former lead trainer of Ganon Baker Basketball, and Penicheiro, who was the WNBA’s all-time assist leader when she retired in 2012, know plenty about guard play. In this presentation, you will see over 30 drills and variations of those drills that will help develop elite-level guard play. Point guards must have a solid repertoire of skills as well as the ability to lead on the court. Wood and Penicheiro show you how.

    Point Guard Drills Video Breakdown

    Wood has developed 11 standards that are required of an elite point guard and goes through each one. They are:

    1. Bringing the ball up the court against pressure
    2. Effectively executing ball screens
    3. Effectively feed, cut, and play off the post
    4. Be effective from the 3-point line
    5. Create space for an open shot
    6. Finish around the rim
    7. Make shots off of down screens
    8. Make open shots
    9. Hit open players in transition
    10. Make ambidextrous passes
    11. Mental and physical toughness

    There are certain skills that relate to each of the standards. Wood identifies those skills and provides the drills necessary to develop them. Over 30 drills are presented as well as their variations. Drills include everything from ball handling to screens and cutting and shooting. Every aspect of guard play is addressed in an effort to take your game as close to perfect as it can get.

    This 69-minute point guard drills video is a must-have for those looking to take their guard play to the next level.

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