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  • Smart Basketball Training Finishing Drills by Austin McBeth Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Finishing Drills

    Basketball finishing drills video by Austin McBeth. Players that can finish at the rim with either hand are invaluable. In this basketball finishing drills video Smart Basketball Training Lead Trainer Austin McBeth teaches players a variety of finishes with and without contact that can help to make them more complete players. McBeth, who played for Fred Hoiberg at Iowa State, shares with you 19 different drills that will improve your finishing skills and make you a threat to score any time you take the ball to the hoop.

    Without Contact Basketball Finishing Drills

    McBeth teaches a variety of moves including well-known ones such as the Euro step, Paxson, slide shot, pro hop, and floater. You will learn to train yourself to anticipate, react, and beat any situation a defense gives you. Coach McBeth teaches you how to get to the hoop and score without contact.

    With Contact Basketball Finishing Drills

    One thing many players struggle with is contact from the defense on the way to finishing at the rim. At higher levels of play, more contact is permitted by officials. Players must learn how to finish through contact. Coach McBeth gives you drills and instruction that include a partner with a pad. This will teach you to explode through contact and become more accurate around the rim even when absorbing contact.

    With Objects Finishing Drills

    The final segment of Coach McBeth’s basketball finishing drills video includes a number of drills that utilize objects. Players use cones, chairs, and stand-up dummies to create game-like situations. You will see how to use a cone as a defender that is slowing you down, a chair as a live defender, and a stand-up dummy as a post defender in the lane. Each drill is designed to prepare you for a common game-like situation. When the time comes, you will be ready to attack and score.

    Coach McBeth’s video is a comprehensive guide to finishing at the rim. Rent this basketball finishing drills DVD today.

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