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    The Run and Jump Defense Trapping Defense

    Dan Rolfes is one of the most successful coaches in Missouri high school basketball history. His Incarnate Word Academy teams have won six state championships (2006, 2010, 2011, 2013-15) and Coach Rolfes has accumulated over 440 career victories. A big part of his success is due to the Run and Jump defense that forces opponents to play 94 feet on offense every night.

    In this video, Coach Rolfes shares with you everything you need to play an aggressive Run and Jump defense. You will see breakdown drills and variations of the defense that will give you a complete pressure defense package.

    Run and Jump Defense Breakdown Drills

    Coach Rolfes shows you nine breakdown drills starting with the basic 1-on-1 zig-zag and building up to a 5-on-5 full Run and Jump. Players learn to jam the ball handler and force the ball to a sideline allowing a help side defender to come in from behind and trap. The trapping mentality carries over into 2-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and on up to 5-on-5 full court.

    Coach Rolfes shows you how to trap up the sideline, jump switch in the open court, and face guard to deny ball handlers from escaping pressure. When the drills finally reach 5-on-5, Coach Rolfes puts it all together and shows you traps and proper rotations if the offense is able to escape. You will also see how players can recover from behind the ball and restore pressure.

    Run and Jump Defense Variations

    Two variations of the Run and Jump are shown. The variations depend upon the situation the defense has created. The 4-on-4 Changing Presses drill helps players develop a sense of urgency as they figure out how to start the press. The drill is great because it teaches players to communicate, commit, and rotate properly.

    Coach Rolfes video lays the perfect foundation for a full-court pressure defense. The drills teach players to become individual pressing machines and when put together will drive opponents crazy. Opponents will dread having to prepare for such a defense. Rent this Run and Jump Defense DVD today.

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