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  • Mental toughness drills and rebounding drill for basketball
  • Rebounding & Mental Toughness Drills by Grey Giovanine Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mental Toughness Drills & Rebounding Drills

    “When the ball is in the air, the war begins,” is the motto of Augustana College (IL) head coach Grey Giovanine. Placing an emphasis on rebounding has been one of the keys to success for Giovanine and Augustana. Coach Giovanine’s teams have won the last five straight CCIW regular season and conference tournament championships. Last season, Giovanine was crowned the 2019 Basketball Times Coach of the Year.

    In this mental toughness drills video, Coach Giovanine uses the whiteboard, game film analysis, and on-court demonstrations to show you individual and team drills designed to develop rebounding positioning, technique, and toughness.

    Rebounding Philosophy

    You must perfect the fundamentals before rebounding skill will translate to game performance. Coach Giovanine outlines the various rebounding scenarios and his philosophy of gang-rebounding. His talking points include:

    • Identifying the six rebounding scenarios and how players use proven techniques for each
    • Understanding the statistical importance of offensive rebounding and how every offensive put-back increases shooting percentages by nearly 20 percent
    • Explaining how charting rebounding in practice and awarding a “Chairman of the Boards” can increase motivation and incentive for players

    Defensive Rebounding

    Coach Giovanine demonstrates four drills designed to create game-like defensive rebounding situations.

    • 3-on-3 Closeout Rebound Drill: challenges players to sprint out from the paint and make contact with their matchup
    • Power Rebound Drill: learn how to neutralize a bigger player by creating a stand-off
    • Superman Drill: helps develop a mindset of flying to the ball to secure a “range rebound”
    • Triangle Rebound Drill: teaches players in help positions to find a rebounding matchup to deny offensive rebounds

    Offensive Rebounding

    Coach Giovanine shares three drills to practice offensive rebounding. The “Spin” and “Swim” techniques are taught to help post players gain position for an offensive rebound on the strong side block. The drills will help your players seal the weak side block for long rebounds. The Run to Rim Drill helps perimeter player prepare to beat a block out and steal some offensive rebounds.

    Coach Giovanine’s program is built on the mantra of “Defend, Rebound, and Run.” His teams have had great success because they have become an elite rebounding team. You can do the same with this in-depth video from one of Division III’s elite coaches. Rent this mental toughness drills DVD today.

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