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    Practical Coaching Advice and Special Situations Basketball

    With almost four decades of coaching experience under his belt, former Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg has used his knowledge and insight to become one of the premier college basketball analysts in the nation. Throughout his career, he has been able to learn from some of the best in the business. In this special situations basketball video, he offers up some advice to those coaching today.

    Coach Greenberg shares with you some powerful lessons that will help mold your coaching philosophy. He talks about how to build relationships and build a culture within your program. Greenberg also demonstrates a number of drills to help your transition offense as well as his press offense and sideline out of bounds plays.

    Progression Drill

    Coach Greenberg shows you how to create 2-on-1 situations against the best transition defenses. Players work through a progression of advantage situations all the way up to 5-on-4. Greenberg also shows you options for creating space and scoring without an advantage in 5-on-5 fast break situations. All of these concepts are taught and practiced in the Progression Drill.

    Press Offense

    Coach Greenberg places an emphasis on breaking press defenses. He shares four drills you can use to break down your press offense. The drills work on the key fundamentals like pivoting and ball faking as a means to fight on-ball pressure.

    Also included here is the 2-on-2 drill, which teaches your point guard how to get open to accept an inbound pass against aggressive denial defense. The 5-on-5 drill demonstrates Greenberg’s favorite way to defeat the full-court press. As you will see, it is simple and creates easy outlets against defenses that like to trap.

    Sideline Out of Bounds Plays

    Coach Greenberg teaches two plays that each have a variety of scoring options. You will see how each play can then flow right into different offensive concepts. Greenberg likes the use of dribble hand-offs and these plays use them. They also use post ups, flare screens, wide pin downs, lobs, and more.

    Greenberg is a great teacher of today’s game. He offers some excellent insight learned from some of today’s top coaches. You are sure to find something that can help you build a successful program. Rent this special situations basketball DVD today.

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