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    Post and Perimeter Skill Development Drills

    Learn to develop your post and perimeter players from one of the best in the business – Louisville head coach Chris Mack. While the head coach at Xavier University, Mack repeatedly had to take less talented Division I players and transform them to compete in the super-tough Big East Conference. Mack took last year’s Xavier team to a Big East championship for which he was named the Big East’s Coach of the Year.

    In this video, you will see the exact drills that Mack uses to develop shooters and scorers both on the perimeter and in the post. Mack is big on putting players in game-like situations to develop consistency in their shots. Many of Mack’s drills that you see here force players to focus and shoot when they are tired.

    Post Player Drills

    Coach Mack starts with the post players. In almost all of Mack’s drills, there is an emphasis on the fatigue factor. This has been a cornerstone to Mack’s success, instituting fatigue into the most basic of shooting drills. The Make 50 Shots drill is not as easy as it sounds. Post players must hit 10 shots from five different spots on the floor. The kicker is they cannot miss two in a row or they must start over. With a time limit of five minutes, the drill can become both competitive and frustrating.

    Post players in these drills are forced to maintain good form staying technically correct while also maintaining their composure. Mack includes work on dunks and free throws, two shots that big men should take plenty of during games.

    Perimeter Player Drills

    The next segment of the video moves to the perimeter players. Coach Mack keeps these guys on the move most of the time as they are in game situations. One of the other keys to Mack’s player development drills is the level of competition. Some drills have athletes competing against each other. Some have players competing against a clock and yet others feature competition for team records.

    There are two great drills that you will see here. One is the Full Court Spring and the other is Shoot and Full Court Dribble and Shoot. Both drills force players to knock down shots when their legs are tired. These drills will elicit one of Mack’s favorite sayings, “get your legs under you.” These drills simulate real game action with a level of fatigue similar to playing in a game.

    This 51-minute video is essential to those looking to develop their post and perimeter players. You also get a ton of drills that can prepare your players for key situations late in games when fatigue sets in.

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