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  • Plays & Drills For Scoring Against Zone Defenses by Bruce Weber Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Plays Against Zone Defense

    Need some plays against zone defense? Zone defenses continue to be more popular as they give offenses fits. Because of the increased use, offenses must know how to beat zone defenses. Bruce Weber, current head coach at Kansas State, lists the keys to playing against a zone defense and offers you a number of breakdown drills and set plays that he has used over the years.

    With over two decades as an NCAA Division I head coach, Weber has won multiple conference titles including the Big 12 championship in 2019. Watch as he uses on-court demonstrations to bring you everything you need to defeat zone defenses.

    Keys to Playing Against a Zone

    Weber shares with you a continuity offense the can beat zone defenses. Set plays are great for a quick hitter, but you still have to have some kind of motion offense to beat the teams that are really good at playing zone. Coach Weber will share 11 key points about attacking zone defenses. They include:

    • Pushing the basketball is important against a zone
    • Taking the basketball up to a defense is important
    • Reverse the ball against a zone defense
    • Skip passes help you beat a zone defense

    Breakdown Drills to Beat the Zone

    Coach Weber gives you three breakdown drills that he uses to teach the offensive concepts used in beating a zone defense. You will see the following:

    • A 3-on-4 drill for perimeter players used to teach spacing, cutting, and on- and off-ball screens
    • A drill that goes from 4-on-3 to 4-on-4 with a second big man against a four-man zone
    • Another transition drill that moves from 4-on-5 against a zone to 5-on-4 before building up to 5-on-5 action
    • A series of shooting drills designed to teach how to shoot using motion offense concepts against a zone defense

    Set Plays Against Zone Defenses

    When you do need a basket quickly, you need to have a variety of quick hitters. Coach Weber shows you 10 different quick-hitting set plays that are simple and effective against either a 2-3 or 1-3-1 zone defense.

    Coach Weber’s teams have always been effective against zone defenses. He shows you why in this video. You will pick something up that you can install into your offense that will help you against zone defenses. Rent this plays against zone defense DVD today.

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