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  • Pick & Roll Defense by Josh Gamblin Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Josh Gamblin: Pick & Roll Defense

    In his short tenure at Mid-America Christian University, head coach Josh Gamblin has built a championship program by emphasizing non-negotiables and defense. The results have translated into a team that pressures the ball, minimizes touches in the paint, and wins titles. Gamblin led MACU to the 2016 NAIA Div. 1 national championship.

    In this video, Coach Gamblin shows you his ball screen defense. He breaks down player responsibilities and the teaching points for two defensive strategies that are based upon where the ball is on the floor. Gamblin makes it easy enough for you to implement these with your team.


    Ice is common in the NBA and college ranks. It is used against ball screens that happen in the outer third of the court. You will get an in-depth breakdown of the essential teaching points for Ice.

    • Train the on-ball defender to attack the ball and dictate where the dribbler goes
    • Teach the screen defender to build a wall that stops dribble penetration to the middle.
    • Learn the roles of help defenders and how to “tag” the roller to keep the ball out of his hands while still being able to recover to shooting threats on the outside.

    Coach Gamblin also discusses the most common strategies such as slips and flipping the screen and how to counter them. All of this is demonstrated in walk-throughs and live 5-on-5 action so you can see how the strategy works.


    Middle ball screens can present a problem for defenses, especially against a very talented player. Coach Gamblin shows you how to combat this strategy by forcing the dribbler to his weak hand. The dribbler has to make players outside his/her strengths and the defense dictates the direction of the ball screen. Included is discussion of how weak side defenders should respond.


    Against the common Horns alignment, Coach Gamblin covers the roles and responsibilities of all players involved in the ball screen. See how the screen defender can attack the ball and force a retreat dribble. Neutralize pick-and-pop shooters with help by off-ball defenders. You will also learn how to increase the challenge for your player to properly defend a screen by creating movement in your drills prior to setting the ball screen.

    Coach Gamblin’s video is helpful in defending the more common strategies – ball screens – used by offenses today. Use his knowledge to help force your opponents into their least effective scoring options.

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