(Rental)-Perimeter Skill Development: Drills To Build Scoring Machine

  • (Rental)-Perimeter Skill Development: Drills To Build Scoring Machine
  • Perimeter Skill Development: Drills To Build Scoring Machine by Damon Stoudamire Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Perimeter Skill Development: Drills to Build a Scoring Machine with Damon Stoudamire

    As today’s modern game has developed into a game of dribble-drive based offensive attacks, the demand for perimeter players with a wide variety of skills has increased. Players must be able to handle the basketball while creating space and ultimately blow by defenders on their way to the basket.

    In this video, one of the most explosive scoring guards of his era, Damon Stoudamire, conducts an individual workout session that features over 35 drills that work on such skills as ball handling, footwork, individual moves, and shooting. Stoudamire, now the head coach at Pacific University, was the 1996 NBA Rookie of the Year and played 15 years in the league. The drills that he presents in this video are those that helped him achieve those goals.

    Individual Workout Drills

    Coach Stoudamire presents more than 35 different drills all aimed at one thing – developing the complete, unstoppable perimeter player. Stoudamire takes you through a gamut of drills that cover everything a perimeter player needs in his arsenal: ball handling, creating off the dribble, footwork, and shooting off the dribble. The drills include:

    • Footwork: Six different drills that feature “Euro” based shot types
    • Shooting: Six drills that train shooting touch off the dribble
    • Combination Drills: 17 drills featuring 1-on-1 variety that combine ball handling with individual move sets
    • 10-point Game: This teaches players to take what the defense gives them rather than attempt a preplanned move. Players learn to read defenses which helps them do the same in live game situations.

    Stoudamire, who earned the nickname “Mighty Mouse” as a player, teaches a wide variety of moves including the inside-out crossover, the “Euro” step, the step-back, and many more. It was these types of moves that helped Stoudamire, who lacked size, score freely against most any defender. Watch as Coach Stoudamire unlocks the secrets to creating explosive perimeter players that become scoring machines!

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