(Rental)-Multiple Strategies For Attacking Zone Defenses

  • (Rental)-Multiple Strategies For Attacking Zone Defenses
  • Multiple Strategies For Attacking Zone Defenses by Bryce Drew Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Bryce Drew: Multiple Strategies for Attacking Zone Defenses

    Teams at all levels have difficulties with zone defenses. Some of the problem is related to players not having the ability to effectively pass the basketball. Former Vanderbilt and Valparaiso head coach Bryce Drew has had success against zone defenses because of an offense that promotes ball movement. In order to have great ball movement, players must be great passers.

    In this video, Coach Drew shows you a number of drills that you can use to improve your team passing. You will see how to take advantage of your personnel in an effort to be at 2-3 zone. You will also see six set plays to use against zone defenses and how to beat an odd-front zone defense.

    Basic Passing Drills

    Coach Drew breaks down the elements of effective passing. Two drills are demonstrated to teach the basics of chest passes, overhead passes, bounce passes, fakes, and the baseball pass. Coach Drew also shows you how to make these drills more competitive. The One More Pass Drill trains players to swing the ball to an open shooter.

    Breaking a 2-3 Zone

    Coach Drew’s offensive system is flexible and can be customized to fit your personnel. He will teach you how to adapt based upon the skill of your post players. You will see how movement can be added by your posts and perimeter players to add another element for the defense to be concerned with. Coach Drew will also show you a few inside-out plays to break the defense using the posts.

    You’ll see different alignments used to attack the 2-3 including a 4-out alignment to spread the floor for teams with good guards. Coach Drew will also show you how to take advantage of talented post players or when size is an advantage.

    Sets vs a 2-3 Zone

    Coach Drew demonstrates six set plays designed to attack the 2-3 zone. Utilizing ball screens, overload, and baseline screens, Coach Drew shows you how to create scoring opportunities. The Stack series offers three plays run from the same alignment. Coach Drew shows you counters as well depending on how a defense plays you.

    Coach Drew also discusses two methods of attacking odd-front defenses like the 3-2 zone. Again, he shows you how to spread the floor if you have smaller lineups or how to overload the baseline if you have good post players.

    Coach Drew gives you everything you need to break the 2-3 zone defense. From drills to set plays and continuity sets, you will have everything you need to attack opponents and make them wish they hadn’t played the 2-3 zone.

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