(Rental)-Aau Boys Basketball Series: Motion Offenses

  • (Rental)-Aau Boys Basketball Series: Motion Offenses
  • Aau Boys Basketball Series: Motion Offenses by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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      These motion offense series can be used effectively by coaches to train their basketball players to perform effectively at the top level. As a coach, you will be able to utilize effective press offenses to attack those aggressive full-court defenses and ultimately make them pay for any errors. Train your basketball players to maintain possession and to mount pressure on the defense while having possession of the ball. You will be able to implement offensive techniques that will be able to break even the toughest of defenses and become a team to be feared by all your opponents.


      When there’s no break to punish the defense, the video explains how a coach can train his players to maintain possession and mount a lot of pressure on the defense as long as they are still in possession of the ball. You can break the motion offense down into skills, drills, and movements that are simple and easy for your basketball players to understand and master those skills they develop while practicing.

      Build a 5-on-0 offense that can make the movements of players very visible and then runs the motion 5-on-5. Use a post-on-guard screen to execute every motion offense to create a lot of scoring opportunities right from the start of the match. Teach your basketball players to communicate with their teammate by means of message cuts that help players to tell their players if they should look for another option, if they are open, or if they need to catch. This way the team will function properly.

      In the video, you will also find another way by which you can use the ball screen to attack the defense and force the key players of the opposing team to commit fouls. This simple and effective offense blends well with motion and secondary breaks.


      Without a press, an offensive system cannot be complete. If your basketball players maintain spacing and ball control while using an organized attack to play against a full-court defense, your team will be able to score a lot of goals. Your players will be able to use a simple press breaker to attack either a man or zone defense and then easily flow into a fast break option, motion offense or secondary break offense depending on the style of the defense.

      By means of these simple offenses, you will be able to complement both the secondary break offense and the fast break to mount and maintain pressure on your opponent’s defenses and create many scoring opportunities. This way, you will have a team that will be a formidable opponent for anyone.

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