(Rental)-High Intensity Team Transition Drills

  • (Rental)-High Intensity Team Transition Drills
  • High Intensity Team Transition Drills by Grey Giovanine Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice: High Intensity Team Transition Drills

    Augustana College head men’s basketball coach Grey Giovanine has built one of the most respected NCAA Division III programs with a philosophy of “Defend, Rebound, and Run.” His Augustana teams have won eight regular season and five conference tournament championships and his 2015 and 2017 teams finished as the Division III runner-up. The keys to Coach Giovanine’s success have been an up-tempo, fast break offense that wears down opponents.

    This 59-minute video is full of lecture, practice demonstrations, and game film to help you build a successful high-octane offense. You will see the breakdown drills that Coach Giovanine uses to teach his players lane assignments and passing fundamentals. You will also see how his players transition effortlessly from the primary break to the secondary break and ultimately the half-court offense.

    Transition Fundamentals

    Coach Giovanine starts the teaching with open practice video that shows a number of different drills and exercises that promote an attacking, aggressive mentality in his players. There are passing drills to help improve accuracy as well as 3-on-0 drills to help demand perfection in executing fast break fundamentals like spacing, jump stops, and finishing at the rim.

    Primary Break

    Coach Giovanine is a fan of scoring in under four seconds. He shows you how here with options in the primary fast break. It begins with a walkthrough with player throwing an outlet pass to quickly advance the ball up the floor. Giovanine also gives you two options for advancing the ball up the sideline or crossing “Main Street.” You will witness the 5-Lane Run Drill where players go through the entire primary break progression. Coach Giovanine also teaches players to change roles in the primary break to maximize the efficiency of the offense.

    Secondary Break

    When the primary break offers no options, Giovanine helps you flow right into the secondary break. You will see a number of dribble drives and cuts off post feeds as well as entry passes to the post for quick scoring opportunities. One of the keys in the secondary break is spacing and Giovanine teaches players how to do so properly especially off of dribble penetration.

    Continuity Offense

    When the primary and secondary breaks yield no quick scoring opportunities, Coach Giovanine shows you two of Augustana’s continuity offensive sets. He presents two drills – 5-on-0 and Circle the Wagons – to show you how to get right into the Wide and Ball Screen continuity offenses.

    The biggest thing Coach Giovanine does in his presentation is give you everything you need to instill a mentality of fast break offense. If you are looking for a way to score in four seconds or less, this is the video for you.

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