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  • High Intensity Shooting Workout by Tarik Robinson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    High Intensity Shooting Workout for Basketball

    Players at any level are continually working on their individual skills whether in the offseason or in practice. One of the most important skills is shooting the basketball. Professional basketball trainer Tarik Robinson has been training athletes for 15 years and has put together a shooting routine that can help anyone improve their shot. Robinson has trained players from the elite youth levels all the way to the NBA.

    In this video, you will see how Coach Robinson forces players to compete and, as a result, become more efficient with their shooting. Many of the drills used in the presentation have goals that must be reached in order to move on. Robinson also adds many game-like moves to the drills to get players ready for live game shooting.

    Shooting Workout for Basketball Warm Up Drills

    Upon entering the gym, a player should have a routine. The best shooters start simple with shots closer to the basket. Then, they work outside. Coach Robinson shows you five warm up drills you can do as part of your shooting routine. As players get closer to game speed, Robinson incorporates 5-Star Shooting where players work on catching and shooting off the pass, shooting off the dribble, and creating space for a shot.

    Efficiency Drills

    Players should always focus on being efficient in the gym. Coach Robinson offers two drills to help players be efficient in their shooting. Both are competitive drills where shooters must record a certain number of makes in a set amount of shots. The drills force players to compete against themselves.

    Ball Handling, Perimeter Development, and “And-1”

    To round out the complete shooting package, Coach Robinson works on players’ ball handling abilities. Players work on shooting off the dribble, which requires them to get their footwork right before getting a shot off.

    Perimeter players must also be able to score off the pass. That means any pass. Coach Robinson shows you the Bad Passes Drill where players must catch from awkward positions and then get a shot off. This is a game-like drill that forces players to learn how to knock down tough shots.

    The development of highly effective and efficient scorers is vital to any team. Coach Robinson takes you through a physically challenging routine that can help improve your shooting and scoring ability. From warm up to cool down, these are the drills you need to take your players to the next level. Rent this shooting workout for basketball DVD today.

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