(Rental)-Basketball Iq Development Drills Vol. 2

  • Ganon Baker Basketball IQ Development Drills Vol. 2
  • Basketball Iq Development Drills Vol. 2 by Ganon Baker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Ganon Baker Basketball IQ Development Drills 

    Basic Set Up Drill

    When the defense is broken down with multiple actions then a good offense is being created. The coach explains everything very beautiful when it comes to breaking the defense and how the players should read several defenders to create on of four decisions as a playmaker. You will learn different things like the art of variation and how it progress in the drill and how to re-attack the right way. There are some useful things that will make you understand how to:

    Teach players to get to the paint to draw more fouls and get higher percentage shots - Get players to react on offense depending on how the defense plays them - Teach players to drive to the basket - Teach players to wrap or sink to the corner based on the direction of the drive

    This drill can be used as a warm-up and it is a staple in a Ganon's training library.


    You will learn the method of utilizing four different shooting techniques. These techniques are very useful in improving the range and versatility of your mid-range game. The coach will introduce you to a very handy drill that will make the players to think on the fly while perfecting their skill to shoot floaters from different angles on the floor. So, this technique will add an extra layer of skill to your game. Furthermore, you will be experiencing three new ways as well which will help you learn to protect the ball when driving through traffic.

    Ganon Baker Basketball IQ Development Drills - Ball Screens

    There are numerous ways in which the defense can attack pick and rolls. A great offensive players stands ready what comes his way and that's what makes him stronger and reliable. There are several strategies that you will see in order to attack six of the most common defensive tactics that are being utilized in order to stop the ball screens. These strategies will definitely help you take your game to the next level. The main focus for the players will be to execute the shots in the moments of chaos. There is a perfect drill for this purpose and the coach will show you that.

    Ganon Baker Basketball IQ Development Drills to Score

    Closeout Drill

    If the offensive players are strong enough then they can continuously beat their defenders in the closeout situations. The coach will demonstrate everything like how to attack the closeouts depending upon how the defender is playing. There are some other things as well that you will learn like how you can break down your defender with the jab game to initiate your drive.

    This is a multi-dimensional drill and it is very helpful in teaching you the art of scoring off four dribble hand-off techniques, and four - two foot - can be used by the players to score at the rim.

    Mavs Drill

    When it comes to the post players, their job is to be a recipient of an assist depending on their abilities or the player who clogs a teammate drive. There are six strategies that you will learn with the help of this drill and this drill will also help you to space post players in response to middle or baseline drives. There are four different ways for delivering the ball to your teammate and you will learn all those four.  Use these Ganon Baker Basketball IQ Development Drills to make your practices more game-like.

    Pocket Pass Drill

    The Pocket Pass Drill is very effective and it will teach you the art of playing with the middle pick & roll. You will also learn how to thread the needle with the help of defenders to your rolling teammate with a perfect pocket pass. Rent this Ganon Baker basketball iq development drills DVD today.

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