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    The Encyclopedia of the Horns Offense

    This is the ultimate guide to one of the most potent basketball attacks in the country – the Horns offense. Fran Fraschilla – a former head coach at Manhattan, St. John’s, and New Mexico – uses his decades of experience to show you the entire Horns offense and how you can adapt it to your own current offensive system. In addition, Fraschilla shares over 25 set plays that are being used at the highest levels of play, including the NBA and international basketball.

    The Horns Offense

    Coach Fraschilla teaches you the basics of the Horns offense including the spacing and the roles of each individual player on the floor. You will learn how you can put together a series of two- and three-player actions in structured motion based on four main types of cuts. With each cut, you will see the options your players can use by reading the defense as well as the techniques necessary to score. The actions you will see include wide pin down screens, dribble hand offs, ball screens, flex cuts, dribble penetration, and others.

    Ball Screens in the Horns Offense

    The ball screen is very important in the Horns offense and Fraschilla teaches you how to improve the effectiveness of them. Over the course of his career, Fraschilla has studied the best teams throughout the world and has incorporated what he has learned into his teaching. You will see how to use false motion to scramble a defense. You will learn how to optimize spacing and separate your post from his defender when sprinting into a ball screen.

    Get an inside look at some new tactics to execute ball screens, including flip screens for defenders that go under, the short roll against over-aggressive defenses, back action for sagging defenders, and the invisible screen to open up dribble penetration.

    Set Plays for the Horns Offense

    Coach Fraschilla shares a number of set plays with you. He shows you a series of plays taken from some of the world’s best international teams. You will see how to score using staggered screens, pin downs, flex screens, and post ups. The Horns set used by the Argentinian national team is broken down in detail and you will see how multiple options can be created to score a number of different ways.

    Fraschilla also shares a number of ways to isolate your best players and how to get them scoring opportunities in late-game situations. You will see how the 2015 Golden State Warriors used the Horns offense with a secondary break that used wide pin downs and stagger screens to free up their shooters.

    This 149-minute video is the ultimate resource for the Horns offense. Any coach can take bits and pieces from Coach Fraschilla and easily integrate them into an existing offense to improve an offense. Rent this Horns Offense DVD today.

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