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  • How to Be a Winning Coach
  • Defining The  Characteristics Of A Winning Coach by Chantal Vallee Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    How to Be a Winning Coach

    In order to become one of Canada’s top women’s basketball coaches, Chantal Vallee studied the best coaches from around the world. What made these coaches stand out from the rest? Coach Vallee analyzed data from her extensive research and even interviewed several experts to find out the ideas and strategies that most closely correlate with coaching success.

    Coach Vallee used that knowledge to win five straight Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) women’s basketball national championships (2011-15), earn two CIS Coach of the Year awards, and become the head coach and general manager of the Hamilton Honey Badgers of the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

    In this presentation, Coach Vallee uses a whiteboard to go beyond the X’s and O’s of the game and demonstrates how the “art” of coaching plays a key role in the success of winning coaches. She breaks down her findings into a few simple concepts: leaders lead, less is more, technical and tactical, and coaches perspectives on building a successful program. It is these concepts that have helped Coach Vallee become one of the top coaches in Canada.

    How to Be a Winning Coach Presentation

    The presentation begins with the idea that leaders are those who simply lead. They are not threatened by others and are able to inspire. Coach Vallee goes on to challenge conventional thinking about things like season plans. She shares a few anecdotes from her past as she built the greatest program her league has ever seen.

    Coach Vallee shares how the maxim “less is more” can be used to prevent overtraining your athletes so they can be at their peak when it counts. She also shares technical and tactical philosophies that are results-oriented and promote communication between players and coaches. This builds the concept of team. Coach Vallee talks about the transformational model of leadership where relationship-building is an important component in the whole player-coach experience.

    The whole presentation is then tied together into the four categories of success Coach Vallee found in her research. These include:

    • The central building block of Vision, which includes smaller goals and directions
    • Organizational skills as related to program-building and connecting to stakeholders, which is also linked to Vision
    • Commitment to learning, where coaches continue to learn about leadership and how to build relationships
    • Player empowerment, which builds life skills and fosters individual growth of players and is extremely important in today’s generation of millennials

    For coaches hoping to develop an elite program, Coach Vallee’s work into the elements of successful coaches is sure to help. Break away from the middle of the pack and choose success with Coach Vallee’s video. Rent this how to be a winning coach DVD today.

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