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  • Defensive drills for creating turnovers in basketball
  • Defensive Drills For Creating Turnovers by Bob Huggins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Defensive Drills for Creating Turnovers

    Nothing can turn up the heat on an offense like pressure defense. In this drills for creating turnovers video, West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins opens the doors to one of his defensive-focused practices where you will see how he builds both his full- and half-court defenses. Huggins is well known throughout the nation for his pressure defenses that lead to turnovers and easy points. His defenses throughout the years have been a big part of his 765 career wins. Using whiteboard diagrams, lecture, and practice footage; Huggins describes his philosophy of defense and takes you through many of the drills that help develop his style of play.

    Defensive Philosophy

    Coach Huggins discusses spacing first showing how to cut the court in half, shrink space for offenses, and how doing so enables trapping areas. You will hear Huggins speak of the traits his players must have in order to play good team defense. Coach Huggins prefers an up-the-line/on-the-line style of defense which is known to disrupt an opponent’s attack, take away vision, and now allow direct passing lanes. You will also hear about the Mountaineers’ approach to defending the pick and roll, when to trap, how to defend an inbound pass, scouting, rebounding, and toughness.

    Up-the-Line, On-the-Line Drills

    For Huggins, help defenders must position themselves between the passer and their man. Huggins teaches this skill through several variations of break down drills that teach proper angles on close outs and 1- or 2-pass positioning.

    Using 2-on-2 drills with the help of an unguarded manager, Huggins shows the proper angles defenders must take in order to deny direct line passes. Players in Huggins’ system learn to push the ball to the sideline and off of the 3-point line. They also learn to deal with back-door cuts. Eventually, the break down drills progress to 4-on-4 where players work on proper positioning and help defense. This group of drills culminates with the 4-on-4 +1 drill that puts the defense at a disadvantage forcing players to scramble and communicate.

    Position Specific Drills

    Huggins breaks down drills for individual positions. Perimeter players work on close outs and applying maximum on-ball pressure. Post players go through five different drills designed to improve their on-ball defense. The 1-on-1 Fast Break Drill challenges post players to protect the rim against an attacker operating off a full speed dribble.

    Full Court Pressure

    For Coach Huggins, diagramming the press is something that is difficult. He bases his press on taking away what an offense does best and exploiting weaknesses. You will see five drills including the Flick Drill which teaches players how to create fast break opportunities by forcing a turnover with a back tip to a teammate.

    Post players work on playing up the line to deny flash cuts by players up the sideline. You will also see back line defenders shifting from denial defense to intercepting passes as help defenders. Posts also work on defending the rim in a 2-on-1 situation trying to force an extra pass. All of the drills in Coach Huggins’ 111-minute video are designed to help you raise the pressure of your defensive system and force more turnovers. Rent this drills for creating turnovers DVD today.

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