(Rental)-Cutting And Screening Motion Offense

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    • Olympic Gold Medalist Steve Alford teaches you how to cut and screen in motion offense.
    • Instructions on screening and cutting, the staples of a motion offense
    • Five essential drills will help you build your own screening and cutting motion games.

    Steve Alford's success is directly due to his experience as an All-American at Indiana, and a successful coach. Motion offense has many benefits, including shot quality, low turnovers and learning how to play, distorting defense, and reaching the free throw line. Learn how to build your offense using the 2-0, 2/1, 2-2 and 3-3 progressions. Alford's instruction focuses on screening and cutting, two essential elements of motion effectiveness. Alford's unique concepts of wheeling, re-screening and cutting add value to his instruction. Alford provides five fundamental breakdown drills to help you build your own cutting- and screening motion game. You will improve your shot selection and force opponents to foul on a regular basis. These motion drills will help you score easy baskets, free throws and open shots.

    71 minutes. 2009.

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