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    Complete Post Player Development

    Dean Lockwood has developed some of the premier post players in NCAA women’s basketball, including the likes of 2013 WNBA MVP Candace Parker. During Lockwood’s tenure as an assistant at the University of Tennessee, the Vols have won seven SEC tournament titles, five regular season titles, and two national championships (2007 & 2008). Part of the success of the Tennessee program comes from Lockwood’s ability to develop post players. In this video, you will see exactly how he does it.

    The Four “Roller Principles” of Post Play

    Coach Lockwood explains his philosophy of post player development and then gets right into the four basic fundamentals: getting open, sealing a defender, catching the ball, and scoring easily. You will see WNBA player Isabelle Harrison demonstrate sealing in transition with the “leg whip” and the “pin & spin” techniques.

    Passing and Catching Series

    Post players must be able to catch the ball or teammates will not trust them. You will see six drills that train post players to react quickly with soft hands and even secure bad passes. The Stop, Pivot, & Rip drill works on driving to the basket after the catch helping post players become more dynamic offensive threats.

    Footwork Series

    Coach Lockwood uses five drills to teach post players how to fight for position and seal a defender so they can catch a pass. You will see the “U-ing” technique which is used to maintain a seal while a defender fights to get around it. The V-Cut, Seal, & Receive drill trains post players to use the “SEC” concept to set up a defender and get in the best post up position.

    Transition Series

    The Post Highway Layup drill teaches players to sprint for over-the-top passes in transition. You will also see the Tennessee Transition drill which helps posts seal a defender under the rim for an easy basket.

    Finishing Series

    Coach Lockwood uses a few drills to work on finishing moves. Rapid Fire Finishing is a drill to get players to use a quick pivot for power layups. The 180 Turn drill teaches players to use a duck-in to receive a pass and then utilize a quarter-turn pivot to score. Intensity Layups expands post players’ games to the high post where they can be scoring threats from the elbows.

    Scoring Series

    A series of nine moves are used on the block. Players are encouraged to develop their go-to move and a counter to go along with it. Three options help players extend their range.

    Game Situations

    Coach Lockwood then applies all the drill work into the Tennessee offensive system. You will see how posts play in ball screens and how they relocate off of dribble penetration. For teams with dangerous post players, Lockwood’s video is a must-have! Rent this post player development DVD today.

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