(Rental)-Competitive Shooting Drills For Basketball Practice

  • (Rental)-Competitive Shooting Drills For Basketball Practice
  • Competitive Shooting Drills For Basketball Practice by Matt Driscoll Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Competitive Basketball Shooting Drills for Basketball Practice

    Watch as University of North Florida head coach Matthew Driscoll teaches a series of 12 shooting drills to develop your players into shooters. Coach Driscoll helped his Ospreys team earn the name “Birds of Trey” as the program ranks among the nation’s leaders in 3-point shooting on an annual basis.

    Each drill incorporates strategies to challenge shooters to make shots under pressure. Shooters are forced to get uncomfortable just as they are in game situations preparing them for those high-pressure situations they face in live action.

    Competitive Basketballs Shooting Drills for Teams

    Coach Driscoll shares three team shooting drills that coaches can incorporate into any practice. These include:

    • Shooting to 5 with Perfection: the team works to make consecutive shots from different locations on the floor.
    • Win the Game: a classic shooting drill that raises the level of intensity when shooting free throws.
    • 5-on-5 Warm Up: uses the “money ball” concept to simulate pressure in a game situation forcing players to hit shots from different distances and angles on the floor.

    Small Group Shooting Drills

    Small group shooting drills incorporate goals that force players to progress or regress depending upon performance. Players work on step-back shots, slide step shots, and spot shooting. Makes and misses as well as group shooting percentage is used to put pressure on players to make shots.

    The 3-Spot Shooting drill is a great way to develop a player’s accuracy at different ranges off the dribble. It as well as all of Coach Driscoll’s shooting drills help players focus on their shooting form and develop mental toughness.

    The best shooters are able to hit big shots because they have developed the technique and mindset to thrive under pressure. These drills from Coach Driscoll are the perfect solution for coaches looking to simulate game-like pressure in their practices. Rent this competitive basketball shooting drills DVD today.

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