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  • Building Your Half-Court Man-to-Man Defense
  • Building Your Half  Court Man To Man Defense by Steve Bergman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Building Your Half Court Man to Man Defense

    It has long been known that defense wins championships at any level of basketball. Iowa City West (IA) HS head coach Steve Bergman has accumulated over 500 career wins and six Iowa Class 4A state championships playing an aggressive man-to-man defense. In this video, Coach Bergman explains the four basic defensive concepts that have contributed to his teams’ defensive success.

    In this half court man to man defense video, Coach Bergman uses whiteboard segments and on-court demonstrations to give you an in-depth look at his entire defensive system. You will learn Bergman’s rules for three levels of pressure including how to tailor the defense to best suit your personnel and defend the teams you will face during the season. You also get 13 practice drills that will help you build the foundation for an aggressive man-to-man defense.

    Individual Breakdown Drills

    Defense begins with stance, footwork, and closeouts and Coach Bergman addresses all three in three different breakdown drills. Each half court man to man defense drill can be adjusted to emphasize the needs of your players based upon their abilities. Coach Bergman stresses hustling back on defense and keeping the ball in front of you. This is how his teams minimize the number of easy baskets by opponents.

    Shell Drills

    Coach Bergman helps you build team defense concepts through the use of four- and five-man shell drills. He uses a number of variations to help teach concepts such as denying cutters, helping on dribble penetration, and more. The drills include:

    • Box Drill: works on defending off-ball screens such as pin downs
    • 15-Second Drive Drill: challenges defenders to make the right rotations to stop dribble penetration and recover
    • Five-Man Shell Drills: incorporates post defense and how the post steps up against dribble penetration
    • 5-on-5 Change Drill: perimeter players learn to “help the helper” in drive situations

    Small-Sided Cutthroat Drills

    Once the basics of the man-to-man defense have been taught, Coach Bergman turns up the heat with a number of “cutthroat drills” where the defense plays at a disadvantage. These drills include:

    • 8 Passes Drill: defense plays all-out pass denial
    • 4-on-6 Scramble Drill: defenders must rotate correctly to help versus a drive
    • 35-Second Perfection Drill: great drill to demand defenders pay attention to every detail of the defensive system

    All the tools to build an outstanding half-court man-to-man defense are here for you from concept to application! Rent this half court man to man defense DVD today.

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