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  • (Rental)-Ball Screen Offense
  • Ball Screen Offense by Steve Demeo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Steve DeMeo: Ball Screen Offense

    After 29 years of coaching, Northwest Florida State College head men’s basketball coach Steve DeMeo opted for what is one of the most successful offenses in basketball today. In this video, Coach DeMeo shares with you why he runs the Ball Screen Offense. He provides for you all the drills necessary to make your players proficient in running the offense and more.

    You will learn how to use 3-on-3 to train your players in reading defenses. Coach DeMeo reviews how to set screens properly, how to teach players to get into transition after a miss, and the importance of post players setting screens to obtain mismatches. He even includes counters to the various defensive looks you might see.

    Ball Screen Action

    It all begins with the base set which Coach DeMeo breaks down using a series of drills for both guards and posts. Guard drills begin with a single player and eventually add more. These drills emphasize making quick decisions when coming off of screens. Post players work on setting screens, getting to the rim, and finishing. They also work on creating angles for screens and looking for mismatches.

    Players learn the various actions and movements of the offense by participating in the drills. Coach DeMeo teaches them how to properly use screens, what to look for when passing, roll and replace action, and finally the baseline drive or drift.

    Transition (Phoenix) Action

    Getting into transition is important in DeMeo’s offense and he details the basic movements and the spots players should get to in transition. Coach DeMeo demonstrates some of the offense’s basic reverse actions, hand offs, and post dives. The offense is extremely flexible as you will see with the incorporation of the double ball screen, lob passes, and the UCLA cut. DeMeo also shows you how to get easy open shot opportunities and how to draw foul calls.

    Counters to Common Defensive Actions

    Coach DeMeo shows you the two most common methods – Blitz and Ice – of using to beat the ball screen. In 5-on-5 action, you will see how DeMeo counters both options. When teams try to ice the ball screen, DeMeo shows you exactly where you need to be on offense. Similarly, when teams use the blitz to beat the ball screen, DeMeo shows you where the screen must be set to have success.

    Coach DeMeo’s video is a testament to the Ball Screen Offense. In this 70-minute video, he offers you all the steps and drills you need to properly implement the offense at any level.

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