(Rental)-40 Minutes Baseline To Baseline Defense

  • (Rental)-40 Minutes Baseline To Baseline Defense
  • 40 Minutes Baseline To Baseline Defense by Vic Schaefer Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    40 Minutes Baseline-to-Baseline Defense by Vic Schaefer Vic Schaefer transformed the Mississippi State women’s basketball program making it an annual national contender. Schaefer won the 2018 Naismith Women’s Coach of the Year award after leading the Bulldogs to a second consecutive national runner-up finish. In 2017, it was Schaefer’s Bulldogs that ended Connecticut’s 111-game winning streak. Now, coach Schaefer goes into detail about the intense defensive pressure his players put on opponents. In this video, you will see whiteboard discussions to show you the basics of Schaefer’s defense. He will also demonstrate with a team that is not his and then teach with his own team in live practice sessions. The video shows you how Schaefer installs his defense and how he instills the concepts. Daily Defensive Drills Coach Schaefer has a set of drills that are done daily to build the foundation of the defense. The drills include: • Defensing the Floor: a 1-on-1 full-court drill that stresses stance and positioning in defending the ball • Mirror Drill: a sprinting drill that forces a defender to get past the person with the ball and get back into on-ball defense • Shell Drill: all coaches run some form of Shell, but not with Schaefer’s attention to detail and variety Key Defensive Concepts Coach Schaefer addresses some key concepts of his defense throughout the video. He teaches each completely and then repeats it in a live action setting. These concepts are seen repeatedly in 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 4-on-4 situations throughout practices. • Hard denials one pass away • Great ball pressure • Keeping the ball on one side of the court • Moving on the pass Zone and Press Defense Coach Schaefer then breaks down two of the defenses he uses. First is the 1-2-2 zone, which he calls “15.” You will see Schaefer detail each player’s responsibility and how the defense can morph into a 2-3 zone. From there, Coach Schaefer moves on to his full-court run and jump press. This is a high pressure defense designed to attack an opponent. In addition, Coach Schaefer discusses defending down screens, ball screen defense, defensive rebounding, and more. He includes two rebounding drills which are essentially competitions. Each drill emphasizes blocking out and moving your feet. This video is loaded with all the defensive strategies and drills you need to put together an entire defensive system.
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