(Rental)-35 Best Ball Handling Drills

  • (Rental)-35 Best Ball Handling Drills
  • 35 Best Ball Handling Drills by Ganon Baker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Best Ball Handling Drills compilation DVD. No offensive system can properly function and succeed without at least a basic foundation of proper ball handling. The better your players ball handling gets the better your team will be. This DVD is unique in that it offers instruction from over 15 proven coaches and trainers to give you over two hours of rock solid instruction to improve your ball handling. The DVD is broken up into three main sections

    Warm-Up Ball Handling Drills

    Seth Greenburg introduces the first of two two-ball dribbling routines. This 4-minute session can be done daily at the beginning of your workout. These ball handling drills will improve your hand-eye coordination and develops both hands.

    Lyndsey Fennelly takes you through more two-ball ball handling drills. She offers more variety with some face up moves that include more creative actions such as going between your legs. Both of these warm ups can be customized to keep you excited and ready for each workout.

    Kermit Davis brings some more variety to the typical warm up with the use of a Heavy Ball. This requires players to perform basic, or as creative as you want, ball handling move while pounding the heavy ball into the ground to improve your strength.

    Once you have warmed up with some of the stationary drills mentioned above, legendary coach Tom Izzo shows you a full court drill that works on your open court moves. The drill requires a variety of movements that include forwards, backwards, and explosion dribble moves.

    Individual Skill Work

    Steve Alford shows a basic drill that works on both ball handling and agility. The Ball Cone drill has many layers to it and can be customized to each individuals skill level.

    Duke University presents two separate drills and moves that are the foundation of individual success with the ball. The Slide and Jab series is shown to help you create space from your defender in order to re-attack them. Similarly, the Slide and Step back series teachers players how to create space in order to find a passing lane.

    Team Skill Work

    Tom Crean presents a combination drill that works on the fundamentals of ball handling and finishing. Crean shows the proper footwork that are necessary for attacking and finishing at the basket along with how to go into a pull up jumper. Being able to attack with your ball handling skills is crucial to offensive success and this session gives two solid drills to work on.

    Phil Martelli shows coaches how to improve the entire teams ball handling with some stationary dribble drills. He uses these drills to teach his players the basic on the move dribbles and as a warm up to practice.

    Coach Martelli then transitions to a drill that requires players to take what they just worked on with stationary dribbling into the full court. Players use creativity moving full court to perform dribble moves on the go along with a variety of finishing moves. This is a solid progression and a great way to show how players can use what they have been learning.

    Change of direction and change of speed is vital for attacking with the dribble and John Calipari shows a drills that works with those two aspects while also being able to move down the floor and use a variety of dribble moves.

    While the above drills are the highlights of the DVD they are far from comprehensive. This DVD offers an insight into some of the top basketball minds in the world that will bring benefits far beyond ball handling drills. This DVD is for parents, players, and coaches who are looking to improve the ball handling skills and learn about the game from some amazing coaches. Rent this ball handling drills DVD today.

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