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  • Yoga routines for basketball players
  • 10 Minute Yoga Routines For Basketball by Staffan Elgelid Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Yoga routines for basketball players is an innovative approach taken to develop the flexibility, strength, and balance of your players while training. These yoga routines will help your players improve their core strengths as they strengthen the muscles used majorly in basketball. These routines also help your basketball players to improve their balance in the air or on the floor, thus preventing or reducing the risk of injuries. During basketball practice, add short yoga periods for your basketball players.

    The use of yoga in basketball is an innovative and effective approach to help basketball players to train. Your players could be trained to learn different yoga positions with variations to accommodate the different strengths of players. There are four 10-minute yoga routines for basketball playaers that you can easily incorporate as a couch to your basketball practice. These yoga routines for basketball players do not need the use of an extra equipment. The goal of each routine is to focus on a specific area in your player’s training. Some of these specific areas include:


    There are several poses in this routine and each pose in this yoga routine helps your player to become as flexible as possible, thereby reducing the risk of your players getting injured. When carrying out this routine, use a 10-minute running clock so that your players can see their progress while trying out the different poses for this yoga routine.


    There are certain muscles in the body that can be overlooked while your players are in the weight room. This purpose of these yoga routines is to strengthen these muscles that your players overlook while working out in the weight room. These yoga poses can serve as an alternative to traditional strength training techniques to work the muscles of your players. The poses in this yoga routine enable your basketball players to improve their spine flexibility, build core strength, and improve their overhead movement.


    This yoga routine helps to address issues that typical basketball players often have when it comes to finding balance while playing in the court and this can often lead to overuse when they are playing. The poses in this yoga routine will help your basketball players to build equal strength in both their legs and in their arms. This way, your basketball players will be more balanced and this will limit the risk of having injuries due to overuse.


    One of the most important things basketball players often need to learn is how to play in the court without tension. The poses in this yoga routine will teach your basketball players to control their mind to relax on the court. This way, they will not be tensed in the court and it will reduce the rate at which they make mistakes. These poses can be done after practice or your players can decide to do them individually at home before bedtime.

    Traditional training methods could leave players unmotivated or could make them get tired easily. Using these yoga techniques will no doubt bring a new and fresh perspective on the training ground.  Rent this yoga routines for basketball players DVD today.

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