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    Jeff Walz Women's Basketball Practice

    Running for Basketball Conditioning:

    See a College Coach Jeff Walz run a women's basketball practice in real time. You will learn how the Coach Walz will put his team under a series of running drills. These running drills are very helpful as these drills are designed to prepare the players for the long season ahead. These drills will also come in handy for the fast break situations and for the transition offense and defense as well.

    Offensive Basketball Skills:

    For the post players and for the perimeter players, for transition drills, for ball handling and for the ball screens and passing drills. You will be able to learn basic yet important breakdown drills that will really help you step up your game and get better. The coach Walz will make the players work on dribbling, driving to the basket and also finding open players.

    Defensive Basketball Skills:

    The Coach Walz has a unique style of play and it will definitely take your game to the next level. Your defensive skills will get better with the help of Walz’s hard-nosed style of play. From deflections to guarding from baseline to close-outs and transition defense, the coach Walz will cover all these aspects of the game. You will also learn a new drill which is called the shell drill that will allow you to practice multiple offensive and defensive concepts all at the same time.

    Shooting & Rebounding Basketball Drills:

    You will be able to get a lot of shots from every area of the court while the players will be practicing. Every shot is practiced again and again and it includes almost everything like the lay-ups, jumpers and the 3-point shots to free throws. Walz gives huge importance to offensive and defensive rebounding and that’s why he takes time out in every practice.

    Coach Walz is one of the best coaches around and he is the only second person to reach the national championship game in his second season as head coach. Toughness and perseverance is what defines his game and style of play. Rent this women's basketball practice DVD today.

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