(Rental)-Winning Every Possession With Defense

  • (Rental)-Winning Every Possession With Defense
  • Winning Every Possession With Defense by Lon Kruger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Lon Kruger: Winning Every Possession with Defense

    Long-time college basketball coach Lon Kruger has over 600 career victories including over 100 at his current school, Oklahoma. Kruger is one of only two coaches in college basketball history to lead five different programs to the NCAA tournament. Kruger coached teams have been to 17 NCAA tournaments and two Final Fours.

    In this video, Kruger presents to you a mindset that has helped him win numerous Coach of the Year awards. Winning every possession on defense is the goal of every Kruger coached team. Developing that mentality takes time and in this video Kruger shares with you the drills that he has used to instill this mindset.

    On-court practice drills show you how Kruger teaches his defense to stop dribble penetration, deny passing lanes, and trap post players. From the basic skills such as defending cuts and screens to the more advanced defending of ball screens, Kruger shows you drills designed specifically to improve these skills. Coach gets more in-depth on defending ball screens and limiting penetration and easy pick and pop shots.

    You will see full court drills that Kruger uses to work on defensive transition. In the full court drills, Kruger shows you how to get your players to communicate while on the move. Coach also shares a multi-purpose shell drill that will help you prepare for any offensive strategy or individual play.

    Kruger has had a long and distinguished career and has done so with an emphasis on defense. In this 63-minute video, you will learn how to incorporate Kruger’s mindset of winning every defensive possession into your program.

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