WetMitt Shooting Glove

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  • Wetmitt training aid to stop thumbing the ball.
  • The Wet Mitt is worn on the non-shooting hand to help prevent thumbing the basketball.
  • See how the WetMitt keeps the thumb from coming forward.
  • WetMitt Shooting Glove
  • WetMitt Shooting Glove
  • The Wet Mitt shooting glove is for right handed shooters only and is worn on the left hand.
  • WetMitt Shooting Glove
  • The Wet Mitt shooting glove is comfortable to wear.
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  • Restricts non-shooting thumb interference when shooting
  • Can be worn during competitive play
  • No instructions required
  • Only available for right handed shooters
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Stop “Thumbing” and Shoot Wet Now!

WetMitt solves the #1 problem in basketball shooting today by restricting off-hand thumb interference during release.   This technical mistake, if left unchecked, also becomes the source of several additional, secondary shot mechanic issues.

No instructions required – just put on the WetMitt and it works  – better release and ball rotation immediately.

How It Works

Patent Pending, sleek, fingerless design allows for competitive play; including ball handling, catching, etc.

Use of this basketball training equipment during live action produces faster muscle memory adoption to improved technique.

Constructed with skin like materials – no extra adhesion and safe for all

Sizing Guide

  • Youth - Under 8
  • Small - 8 to 11 years
  • Medium - 10 to 14 years
  • Large - 14 & Up

*The WetMitt is only available for right handed shooters. If you are a left handed shooter we recommend the Wrap Strap as an alternative.

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